May 22, 2022


Only The Finest Women

This Morning guest says ‘women hate me for being beautiful’ – fans scratch their heads

A West Midlands journalist, producer and reality star returned to mainstream TV to stand by the explosive claim that made her a household name overnight. Journalist Samantha Brick made headlines around the world after she published an article on the Daily Mail titled ‘There are downsides to looking this pretty: Why women hate me for being beautiful’.

The first-person feature, published ten years ago, turned Samantha into a hate figure and one of the original victims of cancel culture. At the time she was Googled more times than the Duchess of Cambridge.

The outspoken Birmingham-born writer appeared on a number of huge TV programmes, including The Late Late Show, Celebrity Big Brother and This Morning. Back then she had bright blonde hair, but these days she’s a brunette – a striking change in appearance she showed off on her return to the popular daytime ITV show.

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Despite torrents of foul-mouthed abuse on social media, which she described as the ‘wild west’, and the ‘brutal’ way she was cut off by friends,Samantha told presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby how she stood by the claim. Now, 51, Samantha said: “I know I’m not a supermodel and would never be on the books of a modelling agency.

“But I’m really comfortable in my skin and confident about who I am as a person. Looking back, I can see that that is what has rubbed people up the wrong way because they’re not that self-confident.

“Now, at my age, I try to think ‘how can I build that person up, how can I make them feel good about themselves?’ It’s really important for women, and for men – ‘you do you, but work on building up other people’s confidence as well.”

Asked by Phillip if she was deliberately stirring up controversy, Samantha replied: “No, is the short answer. But I always stand by what I write.” She also said she had ‘no regrets’ about writing last month a second article in the Daily Mail headlined ‘I’m Even More Beautiful Now, It’s Why Women Still Hate Me’.

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

This Morning viewers were quick to blast her “deluded” thoughts” and went straight to social media to share their reactions. @nyabrandi_ Tweeted: “Sorry but who has gassed up this woman on #ThisMorning ? Not even trying to be mean.”

@cb_038 said: “This deluded woman has been on before.. rinse & repeat #ThisMorning.” @leeleeCThomas commented: “#ThisMorning needs to stop enabling people who are delusional. By being asked back on it’s just going to make this woman feel she’s right. I can imagine she was a nightmare in real life after her last appearance.”

@kellymcc5 questioned: “What is the point of having this woman on #thismorning?” @Queen_Vix88 wrote: “It’s the deluded woman up next #ThisMorning.”

While @suzysasha added: “#ThisMorning @thismorning I’m sorry this woman is just average looking. Why would anyone be jealous of her?”

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