November 27, 2021


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Things that must be considered in a Digital Marketing Business Strategy

Things that must be considered in a Digital Marketing Business Strategy
Things that must be considered in a Digital Marketing Business Strategy

Have you set up a consistent strategy before starting an online business in digital marketing? Will your marketing efforts run without problems?

You might be able to focus on several things to make a planning picture of what to pay attention to first, then decide to take the next step. It will be easy to create digital marketing promotions through different online networks by paying attention to this.

And in return, you will also get a solid foundation, change the perspective in the marketing business, and lead consumers and further expand your online business network. The strategies that you must pay attention to and apply in digital business are the following:

  1. Psychology, Brands, and Messages

This is the most basic method, the morals of doing business, and how it affects consumers. Psychology attempts to provide an approach to the motives that affect the psyche (emotions and feelings) of a product offered by business people. A straightforward term that is easier to understand is to make a “paper” for potential customers.

This way, the percentage of consumers to make purchases will increase. For its application in business, you can give shopping vouchers, free shipping, discounts, free ebooks, and others to get direct feedback from consumers.

2. Optimize Search Engines / SEO

SEO ensures that when your customers search for the product or service you do business with, they find you and not your business rivals. The search engine, in this case, Google, uses specific algorithms in determining website rankings.

Even Google’s algorithm is continuously updated every day. By implementing good and correct SEO, you need to adjust to the latest Google algorithm to get page one rankings quickly. For that, you need to learn SEO correctly and adequately to survive in the Google SERPs in the future.

3. Social media

Social media offers direct leads to direct contact with consumers and allows you to expand your business reach through shared content. You can use reviews, polls, hashtags, Showcase Pages, or even UGC.

You can also repost content that you’ve published before with a different language style but still attract attention. Even wanting to publish longer content is no longer a problem because you already know the trick.

4. Web Design and Its Development

Website display, which displays your business to your potential customers, must be fast, professional, and well managed. Web design is graphic art; therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of the web theme created in web design. The color suitability of the web theme will have a substantial effect on the psychology of website visitors.

Marketing expert Neil Patel says that eighty-five percent of the reasons people buy a product are because of color. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the colors used in designing a website to influence visitor psychologists to purchase or use the goods or services we offer.

5. Email Marketing 

The email itself is an abbreviation of Electronic Mail, which means it has an essential role in sending messages over the internet network. Email helps target messages to specific customers and clients, adds a personal touch, and builds a business relationship. Various studies have found that professional email addresses help build consumer trust. Having emails and websites linked together shows you are serious about your business, and it helps to gain the confidence of potential customers or colleagues. Besides building trust, business email can serve as a marketing tool to drive more traffic to your website. For example, the domain name after @ is your website. So if a potential client/customer wants to know the website, visit the website name after the email name. . An example of a domain name [email protected] after @ is

So if you want to build and increase the trust of your customers, then inevitably, you have to use an email with a professional email address.

6. Blogging

Blogs help your audience and consumers understand your products and services. Using blogs is one of the essential content marketing strategies when doing digital marketing while also creating a community to follow you. Frequently uploading quality content consistently will help increase traffic on your business website. Many companies and business owners feel the benefits of blogging significantly when they regularly update blog content compared to those who rarely do so: the more traffic, the more leads for B2B and B2C companies.

In addition, the more visitors on your site, the more potential customers will place an order or reservation for products/services.

7. Video Marketing 

Your digital marketing business will multiply if done with successful video marketing. You will build a strong community if many people follow the content you offer. According to research conducted by the research agency HubSpot Research, 54{3a94529b2b68d99beac25dca5c1678936e723415472492fb18744b4f77d809a2} of consumers want to see videos of the brands they endorse than email newsletter content (46{3a94529b2b68d99beac25dca5c1678936e723415472492fb18744b4f77d809a2}) or images (41{3a94529b2b68d99beac25dca5c1678936e723415472492fb18744b4f77d809a2}). Hubspot also stated that video content is the most memorable for the market (43{3a94529b2b68d99beac25dca5c1678936e723415472492fb18744b4f77d809a2}).Compared to text (18{3a94529b2b68d99beac25dca5c1678936e723415472492fb18744b4f77d809a2}) and images (36{3a94529b2b68d99beac25dca5c1678936e723415472492fb18744b4f77d809a2}). Video Marketing is the best marketing strategy for your business/brand. Video marketing that has been conceptualized and has interesting results, if it displays attractive and simultaneously attractive images and audio that are easily absorbed by the audience, it can indirectly turn the audience into your customers. 

Congratulations on developing your Digital Marketing Business, and good luck!