January 18, 2022


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“The Woman in the Purple Skirt” comes to Iranian bookstores

“The Woman in the Purple Skirt” comes to Iranian bookstores

TEHRAN – Japanese writer Natsuko Imamura’s bestselling novel “The Lady in the Purple Skirt” has been revealed in Persian.

Pegah Khodadi is the translator of the reserve published by Daniar in Tehran.

An English translation of the novel by Lucy North was published by Penguin Books in June 2021. The ebook was 1st released in 2019.

“The Lady in the Purple Skirt” is a novel of obsession and psychological intrigue about two enigmatic unmarried women of all ages, a person of whom manipulates the other from afar, by a person of Japan’s most acclaimed younger writers.

Virtually every working day, the Female in the Purple Skirt buys a one cream bun and goes to the park, where by she sits on a bench to try to eat it as the community small children taunt her.

She is observed at all occasions by the undetected narrator, the Woman in the Yellow Cardigan. From a distance, the Female in the Purple Skirt appears like a schoolgirl, but there are age places on her deal with, and her hair is dry and stiff. 

Like the Woman in the Yellow Cardigan, she is one, she lives in a compact, run-down apartment, and she is brief on funds. The Lady in the Yellow Cardigan lures her to a occupation wherever she herself is effective, as a resort housekeeper soon the Girl in the Purple Skirt is acquiring an affair with the manager. 

Regretably, no just one understands or cares about the Girl in the Yellow Cardigan. That is the variance in between her and the Woman in the Purple Skirt.

Studiously deadpan, very first and unsettling, “The Girl in the Purple Skirt” explores the dynamics of envy, the mechanisms of electrical power in the office, and the vulnerability of unmarried girls in a taut, voyeuristic narrative about the sometimes desperate drive to be witnessed.

Picture: Front cover of the Persian edition of Natsuko Imamura’s novel “The Female in the Purple Skirt”.