January 18, 2022


Only The Finest Women

Shaheen Discusses Political Journey, Advice to Young Women & More with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health President & CEO Dr. Joanne Conroy on Her Story Podcast Season 3 Launch

January 05, 2022

(Washington, DC) – Today, Imagine Medium released its third year of its podcast, Her Story, featuring U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH). Hosted by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Well being President and CEO, Dr. Joanne Conroy, Shaheen reviewed her journey as a female in politics and lessons uncovered along the way, as effectively as her function to foster bipartisanship and compromise in the Senate. She talked about what prompted her entrance into politics and her suggestions for young girls, as properly as best issues of the working day which include the unparalleled assaults on reproductive rights and combating Russian aggression.

On her final decision to operate for business: “I determined it was time to operate for office environment myself, that the candidates who ended up all guys, who I’d been performing for, had not been finding it done, so I genuinely should to toss my hat in the ring and run myself…But we have been extra unwilling as girls to run for office. And it is essential simply because, as we know, having females in business to make conclusions about coverage displays the ordeals that we’ve experienced as females. And I often say they’re not any far better or worse than men’s, but they’re distinctive. And it’s vital to have women’s voices at the table when we’re talking about policy.”

On sexism in politics: “I consider I had the notion that, as soon as I received elected Governor, it wouldn’t issue that I was a woman, people wouldn’t take care of me differently than they would a guy who was elected Governor. And what I found out is that that gender bias continue to exists, possibly more subtle, but it does exist. And so just simply because you reach a specified purpose or position doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not however working with quite a few of people identical difficulties.”

On how she fosters bipartisanship in the Senate: “I hope that what I can deliver to that conversation is a pragmatism, a willingness to hear to other details of look at and regard those positions, and to appear for approaches to compromise, to look for issues that we have in widespread, as opposed to singling out differences, simply because that’s how we arrive at settlement and compromise. And this nation was constructed on compromise. Researching the Structure, researching the start of this country, it was all about men and women figuring out a way to occur to agreement and go forward together. And which is however what we have acquired to do in the best pursuits of The united states. And to the extent that we have forces on the suitable and still left that are attempting to pull us apart, it’s unfortunate since it is only when we’re ready to do the job together and compromise that we can make progress. And right now, presented the problems dealing with The usa and the world, it is absolutely crucial that we figure out a way to perform together.”

You can view the entire episode here.


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