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Rhea Ripley With Long Hair & 9 Other Wrestler Looks That We Forgot About

Wrestlers are constantly changing up their appearances to remain as fresh and appealing to audiences as possible. People always want to wear different clothes or shake up their physical appearance with haircuts to keep looking different which will always get fans intrigued in what they’re going to do next.

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Sometimes a change comes because of a gimmick, other times it is simply due to personal choice, but because one look can end up being so popular, it can lead to fans forgetting about how someone looked beforehand. This is a credit to how wrestlers have been able to get over with new styles, but it can be a shame that certain appearances get forgotten.

Rhea Ripley With Long Hair

Rhea Ripley with long hair Cropped

When Rhea Ripley first appeared in WWE as part of the Mae Young Classic, she looked incredibly different from how she does right now. Having long blonde hair, Ripley provided a very clean babyface look which did get over but wasn’t suited to how she is.

That is why Ripley’s career took off when she cut her hair and began bringing the rock elements to her character which is something that feels genuine to her. Because this version of Ripley has been so popular, fans have just forgotten about this original appearance.

Chris Jericho’s Vest

Chris Jericho returns to WWE in 2007 Cropped

Chris Jericho has always worked hard to reinvent himself throughout his career, doing his best to stay current, which is one of the reasons that he has remained on top of the industry. However, because he has had so many looks, it is no surprise that one has been forgotten.

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When Jericho returned to WWE in 2007 he did so with a glittery silver vest that he rocked for a while. This, combined with the short hair is a look that a lot of people forget when it comes to the career of Y2J.

Seth Rollins’ Blonde Streak

Seth Rollins with a blonde strak in his hair Cropped

When Seth Rollins first debuted in WWE, he did so with a random blonde streak in his hair, which is something he put in simply to look different. Rollins wanted to stand out and that is what happened as people did talk about it a lot.

However, he eventually got rid of that and just committed to having his hair completely in one color, and because he has been so popular and prominent on WWE television, this particular look of his is something that fans have often forgotten.

Dolph Ziggler’s Short, Brown Hair

Dolph Ziggler with brown hair

Dolph Ziggler is well known for having his bleach blonde hair, typically being slightly long. It’s a look that has suited him perfectly and is something he has rocked for almost all of his WWE career, apart from one period of time.

That is because there was a brief run when Ziggler had brown hair, which is something that the WWE Universe has certainly forgotten about. The change in hair color didn’t suit him as fans had become used to the blonde look.

Triple H’s Shorts

Triple H with biker shorts Cropped

When fans think about Triple H, it is wrestling trunks that come to mind, as this is what he made his name wearing. While there was a period of time when he wore full-length pants, it is short trunks that people expect to see for him.

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Therefore during his feud with Goldberg, fans were surprised to see him with the biker compression shorts underneath his trunks. While this was done because Triple H was legitimately injured, it was something that looked strange and certainly isn’t memorable.

Big Show With Hair

Big Show with long hair Cropped

Old school fans who great up watching Big Show in WCW may still cling to this particular look of Big Show, but because he spent so many years wrestling bald, most fans completely forget that he did also compete with hair.

Not just a little bit of hair either, as Big Show had lengthy locks that helped him look like an even bigger star. However, fans always think about Show for being bald now, and because of that, this look is often forgotten about.

Raquel Gonzalez’s Eye Patch

Raquel Gonzalez competes in the Mae Young Classic Cropped

Raquel Gonzalez has worked her way up to the top in NXT’s women’s division, becoming one of the most exciting wrestlers on the roster. Her hard-hitting style has certainly won fans over, but people will likely not remember the first look she debuted with.

As part of the Mae Young Classic, Gonzalez got the chance to compete and make a mark in WWE, but she did so with an interesting look. She would wear an eye patch inside the ring, which is something that fans certainly do not remember.

Edge’s Short Hair

Edge Raw April 23, 2012 Cropped

When fans think about Edge, they instantly imagine him with long hair as that is how he has made his mark in wrestling. From the moment he debuted throughout his career, fans got to see him with long hair which was a real trademark for him.

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Therefore, when he appeared after retirement with short hair, the WWE Universe was shocked to see him without the long locks, which is how everybody expects him to appear. However, when he did return to wrestling, the long hair was back, which people were pleased about.

The Usos Face Paint

The Usos with their face paint on Cropped

The Usos have been around in WWE for a long time now, debuting in 2009, but the look that they first worked with is not one that most people remember. Originally, they were top babyfaces and they wore bright colors with their faces painted.

Because they ended up being so great with their heel gimmick, which feels most authentically them, people forget that they were often big babyfaces that would be as over-the-top as possible, with the painted faces being a big part of that.

The New Day’s Suits

The New Day in their suits

The New Day have always been an over-the-top and fun group that is happy to be very silly inside the ring and with how they dress. Typically, they wear lots of bright colors and really push to look as exciting as possible, but that wasn’t always the case.

When the group first came together, they really pushed the preaching elements of their gimmick and that led to them appearing in suits and shirts all of the time. It’s a look that a lot of people don’t remember for them, but it was how they originally got presented.

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