December 5, 2021


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Real-life Rapunzel hasn’t cut her 65-inch hair in 30 years

Oh Rapunzel, Rapunzel … permit down your hair!

A 38-yr-previous Ukrainian lady has not slash her 65-inch extensive hair considering the fact that she was 12.

Alla Perkova is a hair product whose brunette mane reaches down to her toes. “The scissors have not touched my hair in almost 30 decades,” she exposed to Caters.

Perkova said she’s equipped to twist, pull and design her very long locks into about 50 different hairstyles into “various variations of braids, tails and bundles.”

She also doesn’t use exclusive styling products and solutions on her hair and insists that her hair size is a result of good genetics she obtained from her mother, Maria Perkova.

“My mom is an illustration of natural beauty and femininity. She nevertheless has nutritious long hair at 79. My hair is shiny and nutritious simply because I have very good genetics and great wellbeing. I thank her for teaching me the ideal care,” the product ongoing.

Alla Perkova reported she received excellent genes from her mother.

“I don’t adhere to a specific diet regime to assist with my hair advancement. I try out to be relaxed. I do not dye my hair with any dye or specific merchandise and strategies. I comb them gently and slowly,” Perkova claimed.

She spelled out that she washes her hair each two times for 10 minutes and takes advantage of a dryer for a half-hour. Perkova employs standard shampoo and avoids hair masks or balms.

She said she washed her hair every two days.
She said she washed her hair just about every two days.
Alla Perkova / CATERS Information

The hair goddess extra, “For the last five many years my hair duration has remained the exact same, only the high quality of the ends has improved.”

Perkova also unveiled that her mild brown hair will become blonde when she stays out in the solar through the summer time.

Perkova stands at 5-foot-3 although her hair size actions to be 5-foot-6.

“People are usually shocked when they see my hair. They say that I am special as a princess from fairy tales,” Perkova joked.

She said it takes 30 minutes to blow dry.
She reported it normally takes 30 minutes to blow dry.
Alla Perkova / CATERS Information

Her husband Eduard Usatiuk enjoys her prolonged curls and likes to help her with brushing and combing it each day, indicating, “When we 1st met, Eduard did not pay back attention to the length of my hair, for the reason that I experienced a hairstyle with curls up to the shoulders.”

“And he requested about the size of my hair only at our 3rd conference. But Eduard didn’t be expecting that my hair is flooring-length. He usually takes pleasure in my hair and at times can help me comb them,” she gushed.

Rapunzel hair
Perkova and her spouse Eduard Usatiuk.