December 8, 2021


Only The Finest Women

Organization helping young women dive through barriers

Dr. Nevada Winrow, CEO and Founder of the Black Women Dive Basis, states she was destined to adore water. Her mother was taking her to swim lessons at the YWCA right before she was even a yr old.

“That’s my secure space is just to be in water,” explained Dr. Winrow.

A pediatric neuropsychologist and PADI licensed divemaster, Dr. Winrow started the nonprofit corporation in 2017. She states she bought the notion for the basis immediately after attending an once-a-year scuba diving summit and discussing the lack of representation of African American women in the scuba diving industry.

The Maryland-centered system aims to instruct young females who are historically underrepresented in STEM.

Black Ladies Dive students have the option to study about marine sciences, scuba diving, underwater images, and remote-operated autos amongst other matters. Individuals of the program can start off as early as age 9 and continue their education and learning and coaching all the way up to school.

“The top target for our group is to offer young ladies the opportunity to have other decisions,” stated Dr. Winrow.

Dwayne Johnson, lead instructor for Black Women Dive, states the sport of scuba diving has some significant fiscal boundaries.

“Originally, when we established out, it was, ‘What are the most important barriers to entry for training youth, especially interior-city youth, to scuba dive?’ So, 1 of them was products,” reported Johnson.

Dr. Winrow claims simply because of that economic barrier, the Black Women Dive application is free of charge for college students to get scuba education. She says the program also aims to crack down some societal boundaries as well.

“Some of the stigmas in the African-American local community are that we shouldn’t swim, which is ridiculous. I believe it is really a everyday living talent, I believe just like you must find out how to push. You know, no one’s inquiring you to be Michael Phelps, but know how to help save your everyday living if you fall in drinking water,” claimed Dr. Winrow.

Black Women Dive scholar Alex Johnson suggests at to start with, she was hesitant to participate, but as shortly as she noticed other women scuba diving she made a decision to give it a try.

“If it was an all-boys issue and you might be the only woman, you would really feel out of position. So, it feels kind of nice to have all women, not remaining scared to chat about nearly anything,” reported Alex Johnson.

Johnson says his vision is to help facilitate additional range in the sport.

“When folks dive now, they may perhaps see 1 or two Black folks on a boat diving. I want them to be able to say, ‘OK, there is certainly a graduate from Black Ladies Dive Foundation, and they know how to dive, I want to be dive buddies with them,’” mentioned Dwayne Johnson.