November 28, 2021


Only The Finest Women

Nikita Dragun Said Cis Women Don’t “Come Close” To Looking As Good As Trans Women, And This Creator Is Calling Her Out

In advance of we get into present-day post, let us make 1 issue clear up front: Trans girls are women of all ages. Period of time.

Now, you might continue.

Splendor influencer Nikita Dragun is no stranger to controversies. From staying accused of blackfishing to additional lately dropping a music online video where she uncovered screenshots of males in her DMs — which many saw as an attempt to publicly out them.

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Now, creator Zaya Perysian is contacting out Nikita for creating a “levels of competition” in between trans and cis girls.

“This online video is for Ms. Nikita Dragun,” Zaya begins. “From just one trans female to yet another, babe, let’s communicate.”

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“Let’s begin with this assertion she put on her story that claims: ‘Trans females are the most stunning creatures to walk the Earth. I have by no means witnessed a cisgender female even appear Near to seeking how my sisters seems,'” Zaya pointed out.

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Zaya also referenced a second write-up on Nikita’s Instagram story, the place: “[Nikita] also posted this, saying that ‘Trans ladies set THE developments for cisgender females.'”

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“Okay, let us dive in to how incorrect this is,” Zaya stated. “Initial of all, no make any difference if a individual is a cis girl or a trans girl — they are each women. It ought to not be a competition, and neither is superior than the other.”

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“I personally have trans close friends and indeed, they are all attractive and spectacular and I enjoy them, but I also have cis pals who are lovely, beautiful, and I enjoy them. Lifestyle is not a attractiveness competitors — it can be that easy — no matter how you discover.”

“And I you should not like how she’s continuously stating trans gals are the fantasy,” Zaya ongoing. “Let us have a reality examine. Most trans women of all ages are not loaded and well-known like you. … Most trans girls are not seeking to market a fantasy. … Most of your trans sisters all over the globe are having difficulties. They are unable to even manage hormones. Let us not set this notion into people’s minds that all trans females are excellent creatures who are far better than anybody else. No babe, we are struggling in this globe.”

“We ought to be concentrating on how to aid our trans sisters instead of generating it feel like all of us are this fantasy. In most international locations all over the earth, staying trans is unlawful, becoming trans isn’t really identified by the govt. They can’t market their fantasies in those nations around the world. They’re just hoping to are living and endure,” she concluded.

Zaya’s online video speedily went viral, accumulating virtually 50 percent a million views and 1000’s of opinions from agreeing viewers.

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“We are all equal and beautiful in our very own techniques,” a person commenter wrote. “We shouldn’t place other individuals down but relatively be similarly respectful.”

BuzzFeed achieved out to Zaya about her message for Nikita Dragun, and we’ll update you if we hear back again.

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