January 20, 2022


Only The Finest Women

Jeffrey Epstein brought eight women with him to the Clinton White House

Jeffrey Epstein paid more than a dozen visits to the Clinton White House throughout the former president’s first few years in office – even bringing along with him multiple women, including four known to be his girlfriends, DailyMail.com can reveal. 

Unearthed visitor logs last month confirmed the late pedophile had visited the Executive Mansion at least 17 times during Bill Clinton’s first term, beginning shortly after his inauguration in 1993.    

Additional records exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com now reveal that Epstein was not always alone during his trips to the White House, where he was joined by eight different women between 1993 and 1995. 

Never-before-seen footage also shows the disgraced financier – who on three occasions visited the president’s house twice in one day – kept framed pictures of himself at the podium of the White House Briefing Room at his Palm Beach mansion. 

The nature of Epstein’s accompanied visits is not disclosed in the visitor logs, however, they show one of them coincided with a dinner in the Blue Room attended by dozens of well-heeled guests.  

Visitor logs obtained by DailyMail.com reveal Jeffrey Epstein was not always alone when he visited the Clinton White House between 1993 and 1995

Visitor logs obtained by DailyMail.com reveal Jeffrey Epstein was not always alone when he visited the Clinton White House between 1993 and 1995

Records show the late pedophile brought along eight different women, including four of his girlfriends, Celina Midelfart (left) Eva Andersson-Dubin (right) Francis Jardine, and Ghislaine Maxwell

Many of the women Epstein took on his trips to Washington were known to have had romantic relationships with him. 

They include Celina Midelfart, then 21, Eva Andersson-Dubin, then 33, Francis Jardine, who was believed to be in her 20s, and his one-time girlfriend turned madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was 32. 

The four other women who also appear in the logs are Jennifer Garrison, Shelley Gafni, Jennifer Driver, and Lyoubov Orlova.

DailyMail.com was unable to reach the four women and confirm the purpose of their visits, however, flight logs from Epstein’s private jet tally with White House visitor records showing they were with him at the time.   

Maxwell, now 60, was found guilty last month of recruiting and trafficking underage girls for the disgraced financier between 1994 and 1997, and is currently awaiting sentencing behind bars. 

Her high-profile trial in New York heard sensational claims that Epstein was seeing Midelfart – a Norwegian heiress who also once dated Donald Trump – in the mid 1990s around the same time he was dating Maxwell and other women. 

Andersson, a physician who won Miss Sweden in 1980, was also a witness in the sex trafficking trial where she confirmed she dated Epstein for 11 years. 

The fourth woman, Francis Jardine, a former model, was also said to have had a relationship with Epstein, and was mentioned numerous times in the flight logs that were released as evidence in court.  

Footage obtained by DailyMail.com also reveals Epstein had photos of his visits to the White House displayed at his Palm Beach home. They could be seen in video taken by police officers when they raided the house in 2005

Hung in the hallway of his mansion, the picture shows Epstein standing with an unidentified brunette woman at the podium of the White House Briefing Room

Another photo from the same podium, apparently taken on a different date, shows him standing with a blonde woman (lower left)

Below the wall of picture frames, a green fold out massage table can be seen which appears to be the same one Epstein’s victims claimed he used to sexually abuse them

According to visitor logs, Midelfart, now 48, entered the White House with Epstein twice on July 28, 1994, at 2pm and 6:30pm. 

Flight records from Epstein’s private plane one day earlier showed he and a woman named ‘Salina’ had flown from Palm Beach to Teterboro, a private airport just outside New York.

The following day, the day of the White House visit, Epstein and ‘Salina’ flew from Teterboro to Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia. 

The plane repositioned to nearby Washington Dulles Airport and picked up Epstein, ‘Salina’ and ‘1 Female’ who was flown back to Teterboro. 

On the day of Epstein’s visit, the White House had hosted a dinner in the Blue Room attended by the president and first lady Hillary Clinton, records show.

According to the president’s daily schedule, Clinton gave a lecture and a toast after which there was entertainment, most likely from a live band.

A lawyer representing Midelfart denied that she ever dated Epstein. However, three witnesses at the Maxwell trial contradicted those claims.

Kyrre Eggen said: ‘My client’s business relation with Epstein was in the period 1994 to 1997 when my client studied at London School of Economics and Stern School of Business respectfully, and ended upon her return to Oslo upon completing her degree.

DailyMail.com previously revealed Epstein had visited the White House on 14 separate days and stopped by twice in one day on three occasions during Bill Clinton’s first term

The disgraced financier was first admitted as a guest in February 25, 1993 – just a month after Clinton’s inauguration. He stopped by again months later on September 29, 1993 with Maxwell (pictured) for a reception organized by the White House Historical Association after he donated $10,000

‘That business relation ended 25 years ago, and could thus impossibly have any relevance whatsoever to the very serious charges against Maxwell and Epstein, charges that my client had no knowledge about 25 years ago, a time where Epstein furthermore was regarded as a skilled and highly regarded businessman with good reputation and extremely good connections’.   

Epstein would visit the White House again months later on September 26, 1994, this time with Andersson and Jardine, entering at 6:30pm, records show. 

Clinton was out of town at the United Nations General Assembly, according to the president’s schedule. 

Flight logs from Epstein’s planes showed Epstein, Andersson and Jardine had traveled from Palm Beach to Reagan Washington Airport that day and flew into Teterboro later on. 

During her testimony at Maxwell’s trial last month, Andersson, now 61, said she dated Epstein between 1983 and around 1991. 

In July 1994, two months before her White House visit, she married hedge fund billionaire Glenn Dubin with whom she went on to have three children. 

Andersson still remained close friends with Epstein through the years, even after his 2008 plea deal for having sex with underage girls. 

The couple’s youngest child, also named Celina, became Epstein’s goddaughter and referred to him as ‘Uncle Jeff’, according to reports.   

Celina Midelfart, Norwegian heiress and former girlfriend of Epstein, is seen alongside him at a reception at the Mar-a-Lago estate, Palm Beach, Florida, March 19, 1995

A spokeswoman for Andersson declined to comment when contacted by DailyMail.com.  

During her testimony Andersson also appeared to refer to Jardine, saying she remembered a woman named ‘Francis’ dating Epstein, but was not sure of her second name. 

In a statement, Jardine, who lives in South Africa and now goes by Francis Jardine-Deuess, said that she first met Epstein in New York in 1994 through her work as a model.

‘He tried to expose me to a larger world, open my mind and stimulate my belief in myself that I could be many things as I was sorely lacking in true confidence when I first met him,’ she said.

‘I asked Jeffrey for help, he was many things to me over a period of years, trying to address the various areas that were holding me back as a human being, helping me find my way into a future that would suit my level of sensitivity and my proclivity to jump into relationships too quickly.

‘He wanted me to develop skills and shared the importance of making the right choices. People around me misinterpreted my relationship with him because he was definitely more way out than the average man’s idea of what a woman could be or should be to a man’.

Jardine said that she would ‘always be grateful to have known him (Epstein) no matter how people have slated him’.

She said: ‘I loved him and grieve for the way his life has turned out. I would have wished I could have expressed myself in a way that might have saved his life’. 

Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin, 60 – who won Miss Sweden in 1980 – was among the eight female guests that entered the White House with Epstein. The internist is married to hedge fund billionaire Glenn Dubin (pictured in 2015 )

Andersson testified in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, during which she admitted that she dated the late financier in the 1980s and early 90s

Andersson-Dubin (seen leaving court in December) remained close friends with Epstein even after his 2008 plea deal for having sex with underage girls

According to the visitor logs, Maxwell was the first of Epstein’s girlfriends to join him on his trips to the White House in 1993.  

Another woman called Shelley Gafni appeared to have arrived at the White House with Epstein months earlier on March 24, 1993, but her relationship to him is unclear. 

The two arrived when Clinton had already left for a trip to Texas, records show. 

An Israeli model with the same name as Gafni denied that she ever met Epstein and said the only time she visited the White House was with her boyfriend as a tourist, not a private visit.

Maxwell would accompany Epstein months later, on September 29, 1993, to attend a reception organized by the White House Historical Association after he donated $10,000 to help renovate the building.

She entered in the afternoon that day with the correct spelling of her name and again later that evening, this time as ‘Geland Maxwell’.

Maxwell is seen in photos of the event, staring intently at Clinton and Epstein as they shake hands.

Three months after the reception, Epstein was at the White House again at the same time as a woman named Jennifer Garrison. 

Logs from December 21, 1993, show he arrived at lunchtime on a day when Clinton had a three-hour window between 11am and 2pm for ‘lunch/phone and office time’ in the Oval Office where a meeting could have happened.    

Another woman who entered the White House at the same time as Epstein was called Jennifer Driver. 

A courtroom sketch shows Ghislaine Maxwell sitting as the guilty verdict in her sex abuse trial is read in New York yesterday

The extent of Clinton’s relationship with Epstein and Maxwell came under intense scrutiny after the financier’s 2019 arrest as photos resurfaced showing Ghislaine attending Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010

The two visited on May 13, 1994 when Clinton had another large window open for lunch. 

Flight logs show that on the day of the visit, Epstein flew from Teterboro to Reagan National Airport with Driver on board.

Later that day, Epstein and Driver flew from Washington to Palm Beach with a ‘Mark’ on board.

The following day the identity of Mark was apparently revealed as Mark Middleton, who the logs show flying from Palm Beach to Grand Bahama International Airport with Epstein.

They returned the same day to Palm Beach.

Middleton is a key figure in Epstein’s access to the White House as he authorized the bulk of his appointments.

At the time Middleton was a special assistant to the president and assistant to the chief of staff, Thomas F. ‘Mack’ McLarty.

Middleton, who left the White House in February 1995, a month after Epstein’s last visit, was accused of setting himself up as an international deal-maker, exactly the kind of person that would appeal to Epstein.

In 1996 an investigation by the White House found that Middleton had abused his access to impress business clients and he was barred from the executive mansion without senior approval.

The final woman was Lyoubov Orlova who visited the White House on January 28, 1995, Epstein’s final White House visit.

Flight records show that Epstein flew a woman called ‘Luba’ from Teterboro to Washington that day.

The plane repositioned to Dulles airport in Washington before repositioning again to Columbus International airport in Ohio where Epstein rejoined it on the same day.

Evidence photos showed Maxwell being affectionate and kissing the pedophile. Many have testified that they believed Epstein and Ghislaine were boyfriend and girlfriend

Ghislaine Maxwell is seen facing an image of Epstein on a screen in a courtroom sketch during her trial last month in New York City

It is not clear how he made his way there and ‘Luba’ was not traveling with him.

Public records indicate that a woman by that name once lived in the notorious apartment Epstein described in his ‘black book’ as the ‘apartment for models’ on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Her date of birth indicates she would have been 22 years old at the time of the visit.

The visitor logs show that Epstein and Orlova entered at 2:41pm: that day Clinton had ‘down time’ from 1:45pm for the rest of the day, leaving him plenty of time to see them.

When DailyMail.com visited the most recent address for what appeared to be Orlova in Long Island, New York, a woman with dark hair refused to comment and angrily threatened to call the police.

Sources said that on a private visit to the White House it was common for people to be shown around the building and given a mini tour.

That could include a visit to the White House briefing room where Epstein posed for the photographs that hung in his massage room closet.

The image of Epstein at the briefing room podium was revealed in the video taken by Palm Beach police officers when they raided his Palm Beach home in 2005. It shows Epstein standing with a brunette woman by his side.

Another photo from the same podium, apparently taken on a different date, shows him standing with a blonde woman.

The photos are part of sets hanging on the walls which include images of Epstein smiling with young looking women who are dressed in bikinis.

The closet is off Epstein’s bathroom in the master bedroom which he shared with Maxwell for years.

During Maxwell’s trial her victims described how they would go up to the bathroom after entering the house and would take part in sexualized massages with Epstein on a green fold out massage table.

The table – which is shown against the wall in the video – was seized during the raid and it was brought into court and shown to the jury in one of the most dramatic moments of the trial.

The invitations for Epstein’s visits to the White House came from some of Clinton’s most senior advisers and aides, including one who later served as Treasury Secretary, according to the visitor records.

The vast majority of Epstein’s visits stated that he was going to the West Wing, meaning there was a strong likelihood he was meeting Clinton.

The disclosure put renewed scrutiny on Clinton’s friendship with Epstein, who was known to have flown the former president on his private jet – known as the ‘Lolita Express’ – dozens of times after he left office.

When Epstein hanged himself in jail after his arrest in 2019, Clinton claimed that he knew ‘nothing about the terrible crimes’ his friend carried out.

And while Epstein’s crimes did not become public knowledge until his arrest in 2006, the visits to the White House would have occurred during the same time frame that a jury concluded Maxwell was recruiting underage girls for him.

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