December 8, 2021


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Holden Kingswood ‘2 Face’ shows the drastic changes of a restoration


Normally, when you embark on restoring a vintage car or truck, you would provide the total point back again from the brink of death. Rust patching, engine get the job done, retrimming and repainting, it is a huge job that can choose yrs. One particular way to trim the timeline back again is to 50 %-do it – actually.

That is what Geoff Luck of GC Restoration has accomplished, providing his 50 %-restored Holden Kingswood ute the apt identify of “2 Face” or “Harvey”, after the Batman villain Harvey Dent, in any other case regarded as Two Deal with.

Luck has restored particularly 50 percent of the outdated Kingswood, drawing an imaginary line straight down the middle of the auto. The driver’s side of the ute is pristine and showroom contemporary, save for a few modern touches like the present day LED headlights.

This isn’t a Photoshop trick – someone has restored exactly half of this Holden Kingswood ute.

GC Restoration through Facebook

This isn’t a Photoshop trick – a person has restored particularly fifty percent of this Holden Kingswood ute.

The panels have been beaten straight and fixed in which required, the interior has been refreshed, even 50 % of the engine bay has been meticulously cleaned out. According to a Facebook write-up about the car or truck, the clean facet is intended to look like a Sandman tribute.

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In the meantime, the passenger’s side of the vehicle seems to be like it has been sitting down in a paddock at Mt Isa for yrs on conclusion … which is about ideal, considering that is where by the motor vehicle was discovered.

Hopefully, the entire engine has been refreshed, rather than just one bank of the V8.

GC Restoration by means of Facebook

Ideally, the entire motor has been refreshed, relatively than just one lender of the V8.

There is sunshine and weather conditions damage, dust, crud and rust – basically every little thing you normally get rid of when you are cleaning a vehicle, let by yourself supplying it a full restoration.

The split persona even proceeds to the radiator sticker, which is brand name new on the driver’s aspect and unreadable on the other. It appears to be like like a ahead of and immediately after Photoshop work out, but it is all legit.

“Geoff has had this odd concept for a resto in his head for yrs and has been chatting about doing up an previous ute to use as a GC Restoration shop runabout for pretty some time.” GC Restoration wrote on its Facebook website page.

There is half a vinyl tonneau and one exhaust looks tragic compared with the other.

GC Restoration through Fb

There is half a vinyl tonneau and a person exhaust appears to be like tragic in comparison with the other.

“Harvey’s driver’s facet has been bare-metalled, repaired, straightened and freshened up to search like a Sandman tribute from front to back, inside and out, major and underbody, correct down the center. BUT the passenger side has been left practically exactly as it was.

“We salvaged what we could. It has been solar and weather broken, it has obtained dents, holes, bits missing, shed or destroyed and bloody crimson grime just about everywhere! Harvey is undoubtedly a head turner!”

And we certainly would not argue with that.

It is unclear exactly where Harvey will go following but with the GC Restoration Fb submit contacting it a “shop ute”, it almost certainly won’t end up on eBay any time quickly.


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