January 18, 2022


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A Complete Guide to Hand Care in the Winter

Admit it at some point or the other, you have given your face due care but have neglected your hands. It happens, you are a full-time mom or a college student, you have your hands full, no pun intended, you don’t treat or pamper your hands the way you should. The most you do is wash your hands and apply any lotion within reach. We have all been there, but that’s no reason to keep doing that, now is it?

Besides limited time, we have to work within our budget. With so many beauty essentials that we need every month, sometimes we compromise on hand care and replace it with ordinary hand soaps or at the worst, bath soap. No more compromises as you can get the below-mentioned hand care essentials at Bath & Body Works.

Hand Soaps & Sanitizers

Say no to harsh soaps because to kill germs you don’t need to strip your skin of natural oils completely. Hand soaps are formulated to do that without drying your hands in the bargain. If you have been taking care of your hands well, then you can go for gentle foaming hand soaps such as Japanese Cherry Blossom or Champagne Toast. However, if your skin is feeling a bit dry then Peach Bellini or Black Cherry Merlot, creamy luxe hand soaps are better options. At Bath & Body Works they have a gentle cleansing and refreshing range of hand soaps and sanitisers so you can choose the scents you like best at great discounts by redeeming the Bath & Body Works Coupon Code.

PocketBac Hand Sanitizers & Hand Sanitizer Spray

It’s a good idea to wash your hands regularly but at the same time that is not very practical when you are let’s say attending classes or in the office. For such situations, you should always carry a pocket bac hand sanitiser and attach it to your handbag/laptop bag. You will stay germ-free and your hands won’t dry due to excessive washing. Winter Citrus Wreath, Frosted Cranberry, A Thousand Wishes are some you should keep with you so your hands can remain perfectly clean and pleasantly smelling. Alternately, you can keep a bottle of a hand sanitiser spray with you. Popular choices include Ocean, Cucumber & Lily, Crisp Morning Air.

Hand Creams

Next step is the hand cream, you might believe that any cream works fine, why do I need to spend the dough on hand creams. You are right, in case your hand cream is finished, then apply a good amount of any lotion and lather it onto your hands. And the first chance you get, make sure to get your hands Pure Wonder hand Cream because once you use it, you will notice the difference in the softness and texture of your hands. And if you are particular about hygiene and tend to wash your hands often then carry a hand cream in your handbag and as you feel your skin is drying, apply it.

Oil Massage

Yes, it’s the season and you need to pamper your hands and for that reason the whole body. But your hands are what do the talking along with your face, and haven’t we been over washing our hands since the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s time to massage our hands at least once a week with oil before going to bed and wear cotton gloves, any oil will do but for pleasant smells, we recommend Rose Vanilla Moisturizing Body Oil.